Here’s Motivation for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Today’s tip: Motivate yourself

It’s easy to get fired-up for your New Year’s Resolutions this time of year, but what’s going to keep you focused and on-track a few months from now?

The answer is motivation, and better yet — self motivation. Learning to motivate yourself is crucial, because when you wait for inspiration to strike you often end up waiting a long time!

Try this:

Make a daily routine of viewing your goals that you can depend on — even through your days of lowest motivation. Once you get started, you’ll be your own inspiration.

  • Use visual reminders: Put a sticky note on your computer monitor at work, a daily reminder in your planner, or a photo on your bathroom mirror.
  • Imagine success: Spend 2 minutes each morning visualizing the outcome of how life will be once you’ve met this challenge.
  • Be proud: Celebrating your success offers you great momentum. Did you create a daily plan for two straight weeks? Then carry yourself like a winner! You’re moving forward.

Here’s why:

The longer you wait for motivation, the less desire you’ll have to follow your dreams. Instead, you need to keep in touch with the good feelings that success offers. A taste of success is a tremendous motivational tool for sticking with your resolutions through thick and thin. It’s not only inspiring – it’s addicting!

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