One Great Way to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

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Today’s tip: Make your resolutions public

Let’s face it, if New Year’s Resolutions were easy there wouldn’t be a need for them. We’d all just simply make our changes as needed, like we were changing the spin cycle settings on a washing machine.

The sad truth is, most resolutions will be given up on within 6 months. This year, you can make them stick.

Try this:

Go public. Making meaningful changes in your life requires a deep personal commitment. But, why stop there? You have an incredible base of support and strength all around you in your friends, family and co-workers. Make your resolutions known.

Here are a few great ways to make your goals public:

• Share with your co-workers over lunch

• Put a note or self-stick hotlist on the family refrigerator

• Post your resolutions on your Facebook page or blog

• Join an online community relating to your goal and discuss

• Start a local support group

Here’s why:

First, because it reinforces your commitment. Once you’ve told other people about your goals, you now have greater expectations to follow-through.

Second, because it creates a network of support. You can draw strength from those around you when you most need it. Furthermore, you may find yourself in a group of people sharing the same goal. That motivation factor can be a tremendous boost for you.

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