One Tip to Get More Done at Work Today

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Today’s tip: Use fingertip management

Think about all the time you spend bending, stretching, searching, and reaching for things at work. While it may be giving you a nice office workout, it’s not doing your productivity any favors. That’s because the typical office workspace lacks any true plan to its layout, and unfortunately that’s costing you hours of productivity each month.

Try this:

Maximize your workspace by keeping all of your necessary items within an arms reach. Think about the most commonly used items during your day. Things to consider include your printer, project files, office supplies, inbox, reference books, and telephone. When possible, make them reachable without standing up from your chair. Then, move less commonly-used items to bookshelves, or to a supply closet in order to eliminate distraction.

Here’s why:

Moving around expends focus and energy that you could be using on your task at hand. It may seem trivial, but it can add-up over a month’s time. Having your tools “at your fingertips” better prepares you for success, both physically and mentally. You’ll save tons of time, plus you’ll reduce opportunities for procrastination that easily arise from breaks in your concentration while standing at the printer or looking for a stapler.

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