Remember your commitments with a bucket

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Today’s tip: Remember your commitments with a bucket

Something important happened last week. But, do you remember what it is? Maybe not. That’s because it might be written on a sticky note, scrap paper, one of three notepads, a business card, or on the back of an envelope in your car. It’s common for busy people to use a potpourri of places to keep their notes — unfortunately it’s a productivity disaster waiting to happen.

Try this: Use a bucket. Designate a day planner, or a notepad, as your catch-all. Use this tool as the one single location where all of your information is captured and stored. It’s the only place you can allow yourself to write down notes, thoughts, phone numbers, appointments, to-dos, and anything else that pertains to your day.

Here’s why: A bucket will make you more responsible for the commitments, ideas, and responsibilities of your life. At the very least, a reliable capture routine will reduce time spent trying to find information, and at the very most it will keep something important from falling through the cracks. Make your bucket a constant companion.

Your routine may include several buckets. Time Management expert Mark Woods actually recommends using six separate buckets in his recent book. Whether you use a six-pack method or another one that suits you, it’s important that you designate rules for storing your information in a place that is consistent, reliable, and always accessible.

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