Learn to successfully delegate

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Today’s tip: Learn to successfully delegate

Many times people are hesitant to use delegation as a means for better productivity, because they fear the negative consequences of putting their work in someone else’s hands.

However, the old “do it yourself if you want it done right” mentality will leave you suffering under piles of work.

Try this: Ask yourself “What am I doing this week that doesn’t have to be done by me?” Think of people — co-workers, your spouse, even your kids — who might have better time or resources to help you. Before delegating, always be certain that you offer a specific, detailed explanation, and never hand off the project until you have discussed:

a) expectations

b) deadline

Here’s why: When you use delegation, you should pass on the work but you continue holding responsibility for the outcome. By setting up the appropriate expectations, you are improving the likelihood of getting equally good results as if you had done it yourself. Furthermore, you’re not wasting other people’s time.

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