Use your daily action list

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Today’s tip: Use your daily action list

Do your days make you feel like you’re playing musical chairs? You move hurriedly from task to task and when the day stops you look back and see where you’re sitting? It’s difficult to feel productive when you don’t feel in control.

Try this: Don’t just make a list, *use* your list. Once you’ve listed a handful of tasks for work, home, and yourself, you’re only halfway there. Next, you must prioritize your list by importance/urgency (A-B-C), and then in an order by which you can do them (1-2-3). Now, follow this plan like you’re following a roadmap to a special destination.

Here’s why: Lists can lead you astray, because they often just deal with urgent matters of the moment and not what’s good for you in the big picture. That’s why taking time to make choices for your daily priorities, and then acting on these choices is crucial to having a productive day.

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