Shopping Online: Fun Facts and Do’s & Don’ts

Online shopping now accounts for nearly $135 billion of retail revenue according to industry analysts. And according to some industry analysts, the jump from 2009 to 2010 is expected to far surpass that of previous years, as consumers migrate more of their holiday shopping online. Shopping online has grown increasingly convenient and safe, but consumers must still exercise caution. Consider these safety tips:

Online Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

DO: Shop from a secure personal computer
DON’T: Enter your credit or debit card number on a public computer

DO:  Stick to trusted, secure sites. Check for security seals from companies like VeriSign and Entrust.
All Day-Timer webstore transactions are secured through Entrust.
DON’T: Be tempted into ordering from an unknown site by a “too good to be true” deal

DO:  Investigate reputable payment services like PayPal, that allow you to pay directly from your checking account via a funds transfer (or paperless check)
DON’T: Provide your checking account number to an e-commerce website

DO: Read the fine print on sales, coupons, and deals
DON’T: Unknowingly sign up for recurring bills, clubs, or promotions for a one-time price savings

DO: Print out or save your receipts to reconcile your monthly credit card bills and bank statement
DON’T: Assume that every charge on your bill or account is legitimate. Check against your receipts!

Following these common sense guidelines will go a long way in helping you enjoy a safe, convenient online shopping experience!

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