How Others View Your Timeliness May Hurt You

It’s possible that your time management skills (or lack thereof) may be affecting more than what you can or can’t get done. It might be teaching others about your worthiness as a worker or an individual.

Craig Jarrow calls this your “time management reputation” in his recent post on the blog Time Management Ninja.

Think about it:

  • When you miss a deadline, does your boss judge your competence?
  • When you’re late picking up your kids, do your neighbors lose trust in you?
  • When you appear stressed with your time, do your co-workers think you can’t handle responsbility?

Craig writes:

“It is almost always the same people who fail to meet deadlines.

Many of these individuals do not take much worry in their lack of productivity, punctuality, and performance. However, their behavior precedes them…”

It’s definitely an idea that should motivate you toward keeping better control over your time next week.

What is Your Time Management Reputation? [Time Management Ninja]

Jeff Doubek


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