What’s the best way to thank your boss?

Sometimes being a boss is a thankless job. With economic hardships abound these are tough times to run a business, just as it is a tough time to be an employee. National Boss Day on October 16 is a great time to reach out to your boss, and improve the employee/supervisor relationship.

But, how do thank your boss? According to etiquette expert Emily Post, gifts to your boss should come from a group of employees rather than an individual, so that no one appears to be currying favors.

We want to hear your ideas as to how to plan the appropriate Boss’s gift in your office. Some ideas include giving cards, a lunch in the boss’s honor, flowers, and gift certificates. Of course, planning accessories make good gifts. We have some terrific ideas here and here.

 We want to know: What is the best way to thank your boss? Please comment below, or join the conversation on Facebook.

(And, don’t forget… mom is a boss too.)

2 thoughts on “What’s the best way to thank your boss?

  1. A gift certificate for a relaxing activity that your boss will enjoy is a great gift. Anything from Spafinders, to a sailing lesson, golf lesson or something else that your boss has been saying that they would like to try. This kind of gesture will show the boss that you pay attention when they talk, and not just when they are giving you a new project to work on.

    1. Great ideas Anne! Giving a gift that inspires relaxation such as sailing lessons is a really creative and original thought. Thanks for sharing.

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