Labor Day Project: the Monthly Planner Switchover

Update your dayplannerThe last thing you probably want to do on Labor Day is work.

All around you, however, is a growing pile of tasks and concerns that includes yard clean-up, work projects, kids’ school commitments, a shortened work week, summer storage, and Hurricane Earl.

Relax! You’ll have time to handle it all. Make a plan on Labor Day with one key project: the monthly switchover.

This Monday, set aside an hour to update your day planner for the new season. Whether you’re an active daily planner or just starting out, it’s a healthy activity to refresh your planner each month.

Follow these steps for performing a monthly planner switchover:

  • Update your monthly calendar – review your notes for any new appointments
  • Create a new Monthly Task List – transfer over incomplete tasks from last month and create new tasks from your notes
  • Clean out your project tabs – file outdated project notes, start new project tabs
  • Recommit to planning – renew your dedication by scheduling a series of weekly Planning, Prioritizing and Review sessions
  • Update your lists – emergency numbers, school contacts, packing lists, your key info likely has changed over the past month
  • Revisit your goals – read, update, and renew what you hope to achieve
  • Archive your pages – process your notes, index the dates of key info, and store your old pages somewhere handy

What’s Your Plan?

Do you perform a monthly ritual for updating your planning system? Are you getting organized this weekend? Please comment, or share with us on Facebook.

Jeff Doubek


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