What did you do to become more organized in August?

Stop and look around you. What did you accomplish this month? An important part any self-improvement process is to understand and appreciate your growth. Becoming more organized with your time is no exception.

Use these four steps to have a more organized September:

1) Reflect and analyze: determine what worked and what didn’t bring success. Write a note in your day planner about your progress.

2) Create forward progress: create a gameplan for the next month based on the steps you took to become more organized in August. Perhaps you found a strength that you can maximize each month.

3) Use the momentum: keep that positive energy flowing and motivate yourself to stay on track with your planning commitment.

4) Celebrate your success: be happy with what you’ve accomplished – no matter how small an achievement. Take pride in the work you’re doing to be more organized. 

Tell us your story. We want to know: What did you do to become more organized in the month of August?

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