Make a Back-to-School Plan for Family, Home and You

Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief. Your hectic summer is over and now it’s time to transition your life back into a new season of activity. Whether you have school-aged children or not, this is an important time of year for getting organized.

Put yourself in the mindset of going back to school and make the most of your time in the new season. Create new routines, schedule new activities, and organize yourself, your home, and your family for the home-stretch of 2010.

Consider the following ways you can take charge and plan your time:

– Schedule family time: Time with your loved ones is about to become less available. Counter this by scheduling family activities such as game night, dining out, movies, and weekend bike rides.

– Create kid routines: Help create structure in your children’s lives by writing out their school schedules and by creating daily routines as to when they do homework, when they do chores, and when they can have playtime.

Make holiday plans: Now is the time to get a jump on the Fall/Winter holiday season. On your planning calendar, schedule the various tasks and activities that lead up to the holidays. Include gifts, costumes, decorations, and meals.

– Update your budget: Fall brings different types of expenses into your lives. Update your budget to include gifts, groceries, lunch money, school supplies, and holiday travel.

– Schedule healthcare appointments: It’s time to plan your family’s doctor visits, dental check-ups, and physicals.

– Revisit your New Year’s resolutions: There’s still time left to make an impact on 2010. Work tasks relating to your goals into the remaining weeks. Finish the year strong… don’t let them go for another year. Which brings us to:

– Improve your planning: If you haven’t gotten your personal organization off the ground, dedicate yourself now to planning the next four months. Create task lists and schedules and commit to updating them daily.

– Alter your exercise plan: The late months leave you less active, often with less time being spent outdoors. Create new workout routines for yourself and your family.

– Shift your wardrobe: Make an appointment to wash and pack away all of your summer clothes in plastic bins before you get out your fall gear.

– Winterize: If fall brings cold-weather your way, schedule tasks to prepare and protect your house, car, and other vehicles.

How are you preparing for life after summer? Please share with us your comments.

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