Get Fancy and Improve Your Outlook Productivity

The beauty of technology is that it can get things done without you having to lift a finger. That’s automatic productivity, and it allows you to focus your energy toward other tasks.

Email is one of the leading expenses of time and effort in any work day. You can — and should — automate your work by knowing a few “tricks of the trade” in Microsoft Outlook. 

Here are a few of the tricks that will make your life easier:

  • Create Auto Archive settings to save only specific messages
  • Organize and declutter your inbox
  • Expire messages when they no longer apply to you
  • Type a message now, but delay its delivery until Monday
  • Protect your email text from being altered by others

Productivity expert Laura Stack will be sharing many of these tricks with you in her upcoming webinar entitled Advanced Email Tricks for Outlook. Also known as the Productivity Pro, Laura has successfully improved the work efficiency of countless individuals — her extensive knowledge of Microsoft Outlook can help you too. Don’t miss this webinar:

 Advanced E-mail Tricks

Date: Monday, August 23: Register Here

Times: Outlook version 2003: 12:00 pm EST | Outlook version 2007: 2:00 pm EST

[photo credit: Don Solo]