Five Time Savers at Your Fingertips

Missed appointments, rushed projects, neglected housework, last minute deadlines – all common occurrences in most people’s lives. These are also all symptoms of being out of touch with your time.

Day-Timer iPhone apps offer a unique solution. Both the Movers & Shakers app and the Pink Ribbon app deliver the same purpose as Day-Timer’s trusted line of paper planning products: helping you improve the way you use time.

Here are five reasons why you should use a Day-Timer app:

  • Real-time Outlook Task sync functionality: Add new tasks remotely. You’ll never forget something you needed to do because you were away from your desk.
  • Easy install: Pain-free set-up for Outlook Task and Calendar sync. Don’t waste your time trying to download and set-up a productivity program. (Plug-in for Task sync included free)
  • Single daily view: The main planning screen combines your daily to-do list and schedule, keeping you instantly in-touch with where you need to be and what you should be doing. It’s in the palm of your hand.
  • Different reminder chimes: Set task reminders with different tones, giving you instant recognition of your next activity — even when your phone is in your pocket.  
  • Color-coded, customizable tags: Quickly find the information that you need now. Sort and filter your appointments and tasks by work, home, family, project, or any other description you see fit.

Calendar sync is now available, task sync in 13 days. Get details on the Day-Timer iPhone apps page, or buy your Movers & Shakers or Pink Ribbon app today at the iTunes app store on your iPhone.

Day-Timer Spokesperson Jeff Doubek can be reached at

[clock photo credit: sunnyUK]