How do you remember something truly important?

Despite all the technology available, some people still write notes on their hands. It’s funny the methods we choose when faced with something we absolutely, positively must not forget.

Some use their day planners, others rely on the digital reminders from their iPhone apps, while still others use a combination of those methods — the important idea is that it’s a foolproof method for triggering their memory.

We want to know: How do you remember something truly important?

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2 thoughts on “How do you remember something truly important?

  1. Thank you for your comment Bill. It’s great to hear from someone who’s had such long-term success using a Day-Timer. 37 years… you’re a lifer!

    That shows how the concepts of planning never change — stay consistent and use a system that works for you.

    ~ Jeff

  2. Have used Day-Timer and similar planners since being given one on an industrial sales job in 1973 and currently use the two page per day original. I write the item on the day’s page and an overview on the calendar. In 37 years have seldom forgotten anything
    important enough to enter. Briefly carried a Palm Pilot gift until it “crashed” with my data. Day-Timer has never crashed. In the words of my mentor: “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” Have solved the lost problem with a reward sticker with my cell phone and landline numbers. They always came back.

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