From Around the Web – Productivity Tips

Make a goal to improve yourself a bit this weekend. Here’s a list of helpful weekend reading from around the web that will inspire and motivate you to get a lot more done:

Pushing Past Your Organizing Obstacles – Discusses replacing obstacles with concrete goals and plans. [Virtually Organized]

How to Use Procrastination to Get More Done – Interesting approach to rewarding yourself with things we use procrastinate. [Get Organized Wizard]

– Eating Lunch at Your Desk – Advice on doing what you love. [The Skinny On]

Too Many Things That You Want to Do? – Tips for sorting out how to do what you want to do. [Freestyle Mind]

Is Your Schedule Packed With Bottom-Feeder Bait? – Question the choices you make on your commitments. [Jonathan Fields]

To Do List Snowball – Tips for keeping your list at a manageable level. [Fit Hacks]

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Top Six Tips for Getting Things Done – Great advice from a man who got a lot of things done. [Positivity Blog]

Organize Your Junk Drawer – Looking for a de-clutter project this weekend? Start here. [DIY Life]

5 Dead Simple Ways To Make Time For Your Dreams – Great advice for achieving more in life. [Sid Savara]

7 Simple Ways To Say “No” – Tips to stop giving all your time to others. [Zen Habits]

Goal Setting Secret – How to Achieve Any Goal – Powerful tips for accomplishing your dreams. [Think Simple Now]

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Motivation – Six great tips for fighting procrastination. [Think Simple Now]

The Sacred To-Do List – Don’t take your list too lightly. [Productivity 501]

How to Stay Focused When Plans Keep Changing – Advice for learning to go with the flow. [Dumb Little Man]

The To-do List Secret Everybody Ought to Know – How to focus on proactive, not reactive activities. [How to Get Focused]

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