Planning Basics – Keep Your Daily View in Focus

improve your daily planIt’s true that some days you cannot see the forest for the trees. As a professional with multiple deadlines and task responsibilities, it’s easy to become lost in the minutia of your day.

Oftentimes, you lose track of your time, your goals, and your productivity by not seeing what lies ahead. That’s why I subscribe to the method of keeping a daily view.

The Elements of a Daily View

In its simplest terms, the daily view is a visual layout of my plan for the day. In this case, it’s not as much the plan but the physical act of seeing the plan that is important. You must create one highly-visible location where you can see tasks and schedule listed together. It can be as simple as keeping your planner open.

My day planner sits open on my workspace at all times, a vigilant reminder of my daily plan. When a momentary window opens in-between tasks or when distractions arrive, I have immediate guidance for confidently choosing what I should be doing.

Two great options for creating a daily view include Day-Timer’s daily and weekly planning pages. Additionally, our new iPhone apps  also offer both schedule and tasks in one daily view, a feature not found in typical mobile planning applications.

The Benefits of a Daily View

Even the most sophisticated planning system will lose its effectiveness if you don’t keep it in focus. It’s a common affliction: you make a great plan, and you lose sight of the plan when your day gets busy.

Here is where the daily view comes in handy for improving your daily productivity:

  • It serves as a visual reminder of the priorities you set for the day
  • Offers you the “big picture” when you lose track of time
  • Reminds you of upcoming appointments
  • Helps you track your time
  • Tells you when it’s time to move on to another task
  • Permits you to make adjustments for emergency requests
  • Grounds you when you’re frustrated or overloaded
  • Provides motivation to keep moving forward

Having a daily view is a highly valuable and highly recommended component of your planning system. It keeps your day in focus when you need to see the forest.

Jeff Doubek, Day-Timer SpokespersonDay-Timer Spokesperson Jeff Doubek can be reached at

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  1. Is there a droid app for daytimer yet? Is there a charge for the app? I have an att backflip. Thanks!

  2. Hi ransom,

    In the time since the above post was written, Day-Timers apps have undergone a few upgrades and are in line for approval at the Apple App Store. Stay tuned, we expect it to complete approval over the next few days. Click on the “Keep Me Alert” button at and we’ll send you an email notification when we’re live.

    Thanks for checking-in.

  3. You say there’s a Daytimer app for iPhone. I have an iPod touch and can’t find a Daytimer application on the application in Apple’s application store.

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