Sixteen New Ways to Save Time at Work

No, you can’t save time in a bottle, but you can keep learning new ways to save time.

Tips for saving timeIn life, it always seems like there are people who manage their time better than others. While there’s no one magic secret to saving time, these people have learned many small tricks they can employ to carve out minutes here and minutes there.

Productivity expert Laura Stack will be sharing many of these tricks with you in her upcoming webinar entitled Time Savers—Increasing Your Efficiency. Also known as the Productivity Pro Laura has successfully improved the work efficiency of countless individuals.

Your time saving tips include the following methods:

1. Turn Off The Automatic Email Notification Options.
2. Create A RULE To Play A Sound For “Important” People.
3. Experiment with the Rules Wizard.
4. Use the New Item Shortcut Dropdown.
5. Dictate When You Receive Your Email, So It Doesn’t Distract You.
6. Create Signatures to Use as Templates for Common Responses.
7. Use an Outlook Template for Letters.
8. Use Search Folders to Create AutoSearches.
9. Use Outlook Today to Quickly Jump Around within Outlook.
10. Use Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts.
11. Take a Poll and Tally Results.
12. Specify Which Address Book Opens First.
13. Find Messages Using the Find Bar.
14. Add Groups and Shortcuts in the Folder List.
15. Create a New Toolbar with Favorite Buttons.
16. Add Your Own Menu with Your Favorite Commands.

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