‘Tis a Great Season for Mom’s Christmas Planning

christmas planningYou better watch out. Santa Claus is coming to town and you have only 6 months to prepare. Of course that’s said facetiously because most of us are deep into summer activity mode, and Christmas is far off our radars.

The ModernMom blog reminds us that this is a great time to plan ahead for the winter holidays. And why not? There’s truly no reason Christmas planning has to be a 6-week rush. Start now by organizing your important holiday plans whether for Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other celebration — and relax later.

The article contains three great tips:

1. Plan Your Travel

2. Make Your Lists

3. Off-Season Sales

These are some great suggestions to help you save money and reduce holiday stress. Planning ahead is the cornerstone to living an organized, balanced life. Begin new habits today.

When do you start preparing for your winter holiday celebrations? How can you save money, and prepare yourself for Christmas? Please comment.

Christmas in July: It’s Never Too Early to Get Organized! [ ModernMom ]

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