Get Smart with Your Work Productivity

increase my productivityYou’ve used elbow grease. You’ve put your nose to the grindstone. You’ve even burned the midnight oil more than once. Life is full of hard work. At an early age we’re told this is how you get ahead.

“Don’t be afraid of a little hard work.”

That’s fine and acceptable if it weren’t for the fact that hard work wears you down. It tends to throw your life out of balance. You may be increasing your productivity at the office, but you’re too drained to devote time to family, finances, or other aspects of your life that also need attention.

Consider the many ways you work harder. More hours at the office. Prolonged focus of attention with fewer breaks. Working faster, demanding quicker results.

Are you trying to work smarter too?

The blog Dumb Little Man recently discussed that while hard work is good we need to consider smart work as well. Most individuals take for granted the impact working smarter can have on our productivity, and overall happiness in life.

Their list of 18 tips includes three favorites of mine:

  • Get clear on the objective: Always focus on the proper outcome. A comprehensive approach to planning will do this for you.
  • Take the 80/20 route: Certain efforts yield the highest results. Take advantage of them.
  • Review regularly: Would you enjoy climbing a mountain if you weren’t allowed to look back and see how far you’ve climbed? Reviewing our work enables us to learn, to gain perspective, and to enjoy the successes.

18 Ways to Work Smart [Dumb Little Man – Tips for Life]

How are you working smarter? We want to hear your comments.