Is Social Media Making You Unproductive?

For something designed to enhance our lives it sure can have a downside on productivity. Social media has quickly infiltrated our business and personal lives and is fighting for our attention, so much so that it may challenge our collective productivity.

Productivity expert Laura Stack recently blogged about what she terms “Obsessive Compulsive Social Media Disorder.” In the post, she discusses how to maintain the benefits of social media in your business while keeping it from draining your time.

Recommendations for maintaining productivity with social media include:

  • Don’t leave your twitter feed open or observe posts in real time
  • Automate your linkage whenever possible
  • Limit how many times a day you check your profiles

The issue, as with many time management challenges, is the need for prioritization. Most of the social media programs today have the technology to automate the flow of information, including automatic post capabilities and feed readers. Instead of real time access, you can choose to communicate when the time is appropriate. The rest takes just a little bit of self-discipline.

Social Media Un-Productivity: How to Avoid Addiction [The Productivity Pro]

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Webinar Announcement

Laura will cover another aspect of social productivity next week when she offers tips and tricks for improving your contact management in Microsoft Outlook. This educational webinar will include: displaying your contact history, creating customized views, and changing the look of your electronic business card.

 Microsoft Outlook – Contacts – Keep Track of Your Important Colleagues

By Laura Stack, the Productivity Pro

 Monday, June 28, 2010

  • Outlook version 2003: 9:00 pacific/12:00 eastern
  • Outlook version 2007: 11:00 pacific/2:00 eastern

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