Buy Dad Time for Father’s Day

Times have changed over the past 100 years, but fathers everywhere still face the same difficulties with time management. This Sunday, as Father’s Day marks its 100 year celebration, honor the Dad in your life by helping him schedule his.

All his life, Dad has been doing things for others. It’s what he likes to do. So why not give him a hand? Working Dad needs to balance his home life with his pressing work commitments. The retired Dad needs help organizing his routine. Help them organize their time by creating a “Dad Calendar.”

It’s an affordable Father’s Day gift that can be created with minimal time investment. Even better, it offers a personal touch that shows you care. Simply buy a day planner with a monthly calendar and fill it out with important events and notes from his personal and family life.

Here are some ideas for your Dad Calendar:

  • Schedule a weekly phone call, or a cup of coffee, with you or another loved one
  • Write down the complete schedules of his favorite sports teams
  • Enter all of the favorite things in his life: TV shows, bowling league, family game night
  • Include the school/after school activities schedules for his kids and grandkids
  • Help him remember the routine chores and tasks he likes to manage such as oil changes, gutter cleaning, garbage and recycling duties, and lawn care
  • Enter important events he has trouble remembering, such as birthdays, special anniversaries, holidays, vacations
  • Schedule a family reunion
  • For the elderly Dad, organize reference pages for his medications, important contacts, grocery lists and bills
  • With summer vacation upon us, help Dad remember kid activities and camp schedules
  • Enter reminders of health care appointments that he has scheduled, or should schedule, such as annual tests, dental checkups, etc.
  • Schedule a date night with Mom
  • Organize and schedule a “boys night out” with his friends
  • For sentimental value, write in a favorite memory of your Dad each month. Make them relevant to the month or the season
  • Complete the schedule by entering an appointment for him to check this schedule on a daily or weekly basis

What else could we add to our Dad Calendar? Please give us your comments.

Day-Timer Spokesperson Jeff Doubek can be reached at

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