Don’t Just Want Balance in Your Life – Create It

In the iconic movie Caddyshack, the character played by actor Chevy Chase teaches his young caddy to “See your future. Be your future. Make your future.” Only he comically fumbles the sage advice because he is so flustered by a particularly bad round of golf.

 Situational irony aside, Chevy’s advice is spot on.

Don’t want balance in your life – just balance your life. For many, balance exists as a passive noun they hope one day to achieve. “I want balance.” Instead, try changing your mindset. Use it as a verb, an activity. Start today by using your actions and planning tools as a means of creating leverage for balancing your life.

Right here is where planning enters the picture. Inside the pages of your day planner, or whatever system you use, write down your goals and values and create a task system for living a balanced life. It is as simple as Chevy says: “Be your future:”

 –         Create long range, attainable goals

–          Create daily steps to achieve these goals

–          Track and evaluate your success

–          Involve all aspects of your life, including work, home and family

–          Prioritize what you have declared you value most

Time management expert Trapper Woods describes this process as finding Congruity. In his upcoming webinar, Trapper will discuss specific methods for taking your unifying principles and putting them into an everyday system.

 The key outcomes of this session include:

 1) An increased awareness of the value of more effectively managing your time.

2) Your own, clearly defined time management goals – in writing!

3) A system for writing your professional and personal life goals.

4) A system for planning and control in achieving your goals.

Please join our webinar: “Planning Your Time with Trapper Woods, Father Time™”

 Thursday, June 10, 11:00 AM—12:30 PM EST.  [ Register ]