How do you stay productive in airports?

The summer travel season is approaching. Are you going to waste time?

Yes, it’s at the top of the time-consumption list. Air travel, while being a necessary function of life, is an experience characterized by delays, lines and mandatory waiting periods. It’s one of the few aspects of life in which we accept being inconvenienced.

Airports are responding to improve the productivity of travelers. Features such as internet connectivity in the terminals (and in some cases on the planes), temporary workstations and other amenities are being offered as a means of helping travelers get things done. Nevertheless, it remains an experience filled with distractions and drawbacks.

So tell us your tips. How do you stay productive in airports?

2 thoughts on “How do you stay productive in airports?

  1. Thanks for your input Neen. Being prepared for airport routines ahead of time is a major key to reducing your travel stress and increasing productivity. Great tips.

  2. As a speaker on Productivity I am at the airports multiple times in a week so I have a ‘system’ for traveling.

    I am always pre-packed, I park on the same level each tme, I even have a system for going through security the same way. I place all my items on the security screening the same way (laptop is always last) so I know I have to put everything away before going to my gate. I even have travel outfits (summer and winter) so I know they work each time.

    Here are some more tips if they are helpful, feel free to share them with your fabulous readers:

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