Get a Grip on Procrastination

If productivity is your hero, then procrastination is your kryptonite. The objective is to not let it completely sap you of your superpowers by reducing its impact on your personal effectiveness.

The productivity blog Stepcase Lifehack recently discussed various ways to fight procrastination. Among the practical tips mentioned, here are the methods that have best helped me:

Break your work into little steps. A favorite of mine. Do you keep putting off getting your car’s oil changed? Begin with a simpler, more quickly achieved task such as “Choose oil change date/time.” Checking off a small accomplishment such as this can be a major victory toward reaching the desired outcome. The next task in line “Call and schedule oil change,” will come easily, as will the next, and the next.

– Stop over-complicating things. It’s hard to start climbing when you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. Many fall victim to becoming overwhelmed by a project that just doesn’t have to be that complicated. Instead of fearing writing a sales presentation, try focusing your attention on the facts and worry less about words and be creative.

– Get a grip and just do it. This final tip has always helped me stick to my workout regimen. As simple as it seems, telling myself “just tie your shoes, you know you’re going” has always proven to be an effective motivator. It’s almost as if I’m listening to my core conscience tell me what I already know is the right thing to do. Try it.

Which methods do you use to fight productivity? Please send us your comments.

11 Practical Ways To Stop Procrastination – Stepcase Lifehack

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  1. Very true Wearsie. The ability to say no is an often under-appreciated action that says a lot about how you value your priorities versus what others feel is important to you.

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