Take Three Steps for Quality Family Time This Weekend

Take some time to honor life this weekend. Memorial Day serves as a remembrance of US men and women who died while in service. After paying your respects, spend some time honoring your own life by making it better for you and your family.

Here are a few planning steps with family quality time in mind. Try them out:

1) Schedule a month’s worth of home tasks. Many home projects get pushed aside until they become urgencies, which certainly detract from quality time with your family. Get out your dayplanner and create appointments for getting household tasks done. Start with the month of June. Be sure to involve your family in the projects whenever possible. A little organization goes a long way toward your peacefulness.

2) Create a routine. Having set routines in our lives can reduce stress and improve efficiency. Look at your week and create a daily process for you and your family that accomplishes many of the goals you feel are important. Do you wish to have a family game night? Do you want to have chores done on a set schedule? When do you wish to do grocery shopping? Make a routine for how your time will be used next week, and every week.

3) Make priorities with your family. If you don’t have a regular family meeting, then now is a great time to start. Get together after dinner and talk about life, talk about plans for the week and for the summer. Ask who needs help, and work together to find answers. It doesn’t have to be painfully serious, but make it a time to prioritize the needs of your loved ones the same way you do with your co-workers.

What other planning steps can you take this weekend? Please comment.

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One thought on “Take Three Steps for Quality Family Time This Weekend

  1. You’ve offered some good solid advice for enjoying family life. I’m taking it easy this weekend and making the most of my time with my family by “unscheduling.” By that I mean, I have cleared some space for us to spend time with each other without any constraints or commitments. Don’t forget to make room for down-time and spontaneous adventures.

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