What is your top advice for staying organized?

Some of you are old school list makers, others are new age minimalists. Organization is a school of many thoughts that offer people of all types the opportunity to improve their balance and comfort in life.

Imagine today that you were teaching class, with one hundred eager students lining up to hang on your every word. What insight would you share with them? What is your top advice for staying organized. Remember, there is no wrong answer here so please express yourselves.

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2 thoughts on “What is your top advice for staying organized?

  1. Organization is not about how organized you look, but how organized you are. Some people have clean desks and can find nothing. The key to good organization is to select an organizer and stick with it. IF you want to differentiate between personal and business use it could be as simple as entering items in a different color or staking out territory in your planner where you keep personal data only. I’ve used DayTimer for years and I like all the options they provide.

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