Two Heads? Will Hire.

 Today’s economy is reshaping the look of today’s worker, and apparently it has two heads. As companies today employ smaller staff sizes they are also forcing higher levels of work productivity, to the point that many workers claim they are doing the job of two workers. Chances are good that you are that person.

A recent study by the web conferencing firm Intercall illustrated the high amount of strain being placed on workplace productivity by the economy.

The firm asked a variety of questions amongst American workers who use technology in their workplaces, from email to videoconferencing. People like you say they are feeling stretched by job expectations.

Ask yourself:

Are you doing more work with fewer resources?

If you say yes, then you’re not alone. Nearly half (48%) of those polled believes their company requires them to do more with less. Today’s worker is being asked to find ways to squeeze more productivity out of scaled down budgets and fewer project resources.

Does your company require you to do the job of two people?

You likely do and frankly this isn’t a shock given the current unemployment level. Two out of five workers say they are doing the job of two people because of the recession’s impact on their company. Given these statistics, it’s no wonder that there exists a need for increased time management and personal planning skills amongst today’s workers.

How do you feel about this trend in workplace productivity? Are we all destined to work harder than our previous generations? Please comment.

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