Food for thought, keep a Kitchen Journal

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by Jeff Doubek, Day-Timer Spokesperson

Jeff Doubek, Day-Timer SpokespersonRunning a household kitchen is a full-time job with part-time hours. Like all other jobs in your life, you must organize your way to better efficiency.

As discussed in our previous article, making a Grocery Investment Plan is a key step to making better use of your time and money. Once you’ve made your grocery shopping experience more efficient by reducing waste, more work can be done to further improve your efficiency. By following-up on your purchases you can better plan your future grocery spending. For this purpose, I recommend you create a dedicated kitchen journal. This journal can be a stand alone planner, or a section of your existing day planner.

Your Kitchen Journal will enable you to track all of your grocery activities. After each shopping trip, make an entry under the date of trip and attach your shopping list, your weekly meal plan, and your receipts. This information will prove itself valuable for planning your upcoming purchases. As you go through your week, update your journal on grocery status including those items you run out of quickly, those that you throw away because they get spoiled, and those that you don’t particularly like for quality, taste, or otherwise.

More thoughts on your Kitchen Journal:

  • Keep your list of staple items updated, making note of items that may be bought in larger quantities, or by generic equivalent for cost savings
  • Maintain a master list of items purchased, including date of purchase and purchase price, to analyze your spending
  • Create a monthly/weekly budget based on your demonstrated spending patterns

Do you keep a Kitchen Journal? If not, please tell us your best method for planning your meals and tracking your food purchases. Comment on our blog today.

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