Stuck for Mother’s Day ideas? Give mom the gift of Quality Time

by Jeff Doubek, Day-Timer Spokesperson

For most of us, the mom in our lives seems to run a tight ship from a leaky rowboat. There’s always more work coming in than she can bail out. Whether it’s your mom, grandmother, the mother of your children, or just a close loved one, she can probably use the gift of organization this Mother’s Day.

Remember: Flowers may fade while planning creates quality time in our lives.

The gift of quality time requires little more than you giving her some of your time. The central part of this gift however includes a day planner, or similar planning solution. Many moms already have planning tools, but for all the others a great gift could include any of the items from Day-Timer’s Pink Ribbon Collection.

What goes in the planner is just as important as the planner itself. This is where your time truly comes into play. Give Mom the following:

  • Goals: Offer to take her to lunch and help her set goals. This is a great way to get together and share quality time. Have her tell you what she’d like to accomplish over the next year, next five years, or more. Write these down and help her integrate them as the basis for all her activities.
  • Schedules: Time management is the key to any office, and mom’s office is no different. Create a system for her. Take the time to write out several months’ worth of activities that pertain to her life. You can include routine events and activities as well as specific appointments that occur in her life. Offering her a schedule will help her be more productive and will dramatically reduce her stress.
  • Family Time: Create schedules for family members. This may include specific activities for children or grandchildren, family visits, vacations, and coordinating holiday schedules with extended family.
  • Family Contact: Do some research and fill mom’s planner with complete contact information for family and friends. This will provide her with the latest phone numbers, addresses and email addresses for mom’s children, close friends, the kids in college, and grandkids with cell phones. While you’re at it, include birthdays. Make those she loves more accessible.

Mom’s ultimate goal is to make all those around her happy. Pay her back this Mother’s Day by improving her time management.

Do you have any ideas you can add to the gift of quality time for Mother’s Day? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment.

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