Avoid the Planning Pile-up

by Jeff Doubek, Day-Timer Spokesperson

I often think about a great scene from the classic 80’s movie The Blues Brothers, where dozens of police cars crash in downtown Chicago. You watch car after car pile up on top of each other, and can’t help but think about the wastefulness of this activity.

Planning can be this way at times. As you go through your week, notes and messages and task reminders pile up, leaving you with a large mess at week’s end. It happens easily, we get busy and we set our planning activities aside for the sake of getting actual work done.

However, the bigger this pile grows the more difficult it becomes to manage.

This weekend, make an appointment with yourself to get in touch with your planning. Set aside a half hour — or more, depending on your pile size — and process all of the information that has accumulated. Take whatever time you need to get your planning under control. Then, at the end of your meeting, schedule five more 15-minute meetings, one for each workday next week.

Make a proactive choice to get your planning in order this weekend and you’ll avoid future planning pile-ups.

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