We want to know

How and where do you get your planning supplies?

This week’s question allows you to tell us a little bit about yourself and your planning tendencies. Maintaining a planning system requires investment — of time and money. Some are fortunate to work in companies that support your time management activities, others make it work on their own out of their own pockets.

What is your method for purchasing supplies? Do you hit the retailers once a month or do you buy supplies for the whole year? Please comment and let us know how you acquire the tools that keep your system going strong.

2 thoughts on “We want to know

  1. I usually go a few times a month. Most of the time it’s to see what’s new. Sometimes it’s because I have an idea for personalizing my planner and I go to get supplies. Sometimes it’s because I’m bored with the design or format of my pages and I go to get something new. Many friends have benefitted from my boredom!

  2. I order my Daytimer 2 page per day planning calendar refills in December, as well as several hundred Pocket 47’s for clients as New Year’s gifts, and have their name personally engraved on the front in gold script at my local Bible bookstore. This year, I was later than usual in ordering and could only get half of what I usually send out because your stock was depleted and no further orders of that product were available.

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