Can you save time with Outlook?

 Most of us realize that Microsoft Outlook is one of the most powerful tools you can enlist into improving your workplace productity, yet few of us take the time to truly learn its full capabilities. Properly managing your calendar using its full functionality can actually save you time.

Can you do the following with your Outlook calendar?

1.     Create a New Appointment for Yourself.
2.     Create a New Recurring Meeting.
3.     Share Your Calendar with Others.
4.     Set Your Default Permission Level.
5.     Turn an Appointment into a Meeting Invitation.
6.     Compare Multiple Calendars to Find an Open Meeting Date/Time.
7.     Make Changes or Reschedule a Meeting. 
8.     Process Meeting Requests and Responses for Someone Else.
9.     Schedule or Update a Meeting for Someone Else.
10.  Track Meeting Responses.
11.  Cancel a Meeting.
12.  Jump to a Date on the Calendar Without Clicking.
13.  Change the View of Your Calendar.
14.  Display the Date Navigator to Easily Copy an Appointment.
15.  Set Calendar Options.
16.  Change the Color Labels in Your Calendar.
17.  View Your Meetings by Category.
18.  Create Separate Calendars.
19.  Capture an Email as a Calendar Item.
20.  Schedule Tasks from Your Task Pad on Your Calendar.
21.  Print a Paper To-Do List.
22.  Send Someone Else Your Calendar Via Email.

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