Give Your Planning a Spring Tune-Up

Introducing Day-Timer’s Time-Tips Video Series
Many times we can feel like we’re not getting the most out of our planning, or that it may have hit a plateau. This is normal.  Planning is an ongoing process, that should be flexible to your changing needs and evolving patterns. Living a lifestyle that includes successful time management means you may have to make course adjustments along the way. This week’s Time Tip shows you how to tune-up your planning.

This video is the first of Day-Timer’s new weekly Time Tips series. A quick bit of advice and guidance you can use today, in under 3 minutes. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Give Your Planning a Spring Tune-Up

  1. I am going to schedule my first planning review session. I can already feel redundacy – I use Outlook, a Blackberry, a pocket 2-page original with an advanced planner, and take a folio size notebook with me to meetings for notes. Whenever I change my planning techniques, I seem to always come back to the 2-page original, which I’ve used for years. Now with technology, my good intentions have been throuwn to the wind. How can I keep my sanity and better coordinate?

    1. Tim,
      I feel your pain. I too spent a few years refining my system, and struggling to find the right tools. My first and best advice to you is to start leaving pieces behind. Find out what you really need and depend on most. For me, I was continuously trying to squeeze digital into every end of my process (first Palm Treo, then iPhone) and found that it had a much different, though equally important, role than I initially thought. I too found myself coming back to the 2-pg/day original because that was most comfortable, and most versatile. It remains the bread and butter of my task management, and note-taking system. Outlook controls my appointments since it is the office standard scheduling program, but every morning I write out my daily schedule into my planner. The digital reminders from my desktop computer, and from my sync’ed iPhone are very helpful when I’m busy at work. Hope that helps. If you have any further questions, please feel free to direct message our Twitter account at @daytimerpage.

      Enjoy your time,

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