Improve Your Daily Outlook for Better Productivity

 As mentioned in our last blog post, finding your way toward maximum office productivity often involves focusing on the matters right in front of you. There is usually no magic solution – just a reshaping of your daily processes into more efficient processes using better tools and learning.

A great place to begin with reshaping your productivity outlook – is ironically with Microsoft Outlook. It’s no secret the role this program plays in most of our lives. For more than a decade Outlook has been the de facto messaging tool for a majority of businesses and individual users. When used correctly, it can play a valuable part of a complete time management system, which includes day planners, print your own planning sheets, iPhone apps, and other tools.

The hard truth is, however, you likely understand only a fraction of this program’s usefulness. According to Laura Stack, Day-Timer productivity expert and president of The Productivity Pro©, most people benefit from only 10-20% of the capacities of Outlook.

If you think about it, that’s about the equivalent of pounding a nail with the wrong end of a hammer. The fact is you are likely losing out on a tremendous amount of leverage in your daily productivity. For that reason, we’re pleased to present another session of the 2010 Microsoft Outlook Training Series with Laura Stack.

Spend one hour with us this Monday and you will benefit from countless hours gained each month, as well as an improved quality of work. Entitled “Tasks – The Daily To-do List,” topics Laura will cover includes:

  • Tracking deadlines by creating a daily to-do list
  • Improved information recall by sorting and changing task views
  • Ease of task delegation to co-workers in your workflow 
  • More effective staff management utilizing advanced tasks views
  • Maintaining focus on the go through automated to-do list creation

This webinar will provide a valuable resource for anyone looking to maximize their workplace productivity, improve their business efficiency, or simply create more accountability and follow-through in their lives.

Please choose the session that matches up with your current Microsoft Outlook version:

Outlook  2003: 9:00 am pacific/12:00 pm eastern
Outlook  2007: 11:00 am pacific/2:00 pm eastern

Register here: Complete registration and course information

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