Do you carry a calendar with you at all times? How?

Offsetting an increasingly more complicated lifestyle, many people believe they achieve balance by keeping their schedules close at hand. In a planner or on a mobile application such as Day-Timer’s iPhone apps, there are many ways to keep yourself on track.

We want to know what works for you. Please give us your comments.

4 thoughts on “Do you carry a calendar with you at all times? How?

  1. I carry my Day-Timer with me every day. Even though a majority of people have gone “electronic,” I still need to have that paper version with me when making appointments. I own a Blackberry and have tried using the calendar portion, but there is still nothing like my Day-Timer. The way I use mine allows me to keep my husband’s schedule along side of my own in the “journal” section. I also have a to-do list for each day and an expense section, both of which are very handy. The best part is the full month’s calendar which I use to see each month at a glance so I don’t get “surprised” when something creeps up on me and I can give a quick “yes or no” for a certain date.

  2. Yes and it becomes a bit obsessive at times – my planner has to match my purse, so I’m forever changing purses to match my moods and changing my planner. When things in my life get out of control, I also decide I need to change the size of the planner and re-write everything only to go back to my standard each time when the crisis leaves. I have left instructions that my planner is to be buried with me and if I’m in an accident, that better be in the ambulance with me!

  3. I carry my calendar in my BlackBerry everywhere. But I use my paper DayTimer calendar to keep track of my daily appointments and notes of what I do each day. I couldn’t do my monthly report without the paper version.

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