Time Saving Tips of the Week, By Laura Stack, MBA, CSP

laura-stack3Are You Working to Live, or Living to Work?

Workplace balance is tough to achieve. Most employees love their work and personal lives. But many professionals find it difficult to participate fully in one area without sacrificing the other.  If you have trouble with your personal/professional equilibrium, then these tips are for you.

Allocate time according to your values and the top priorities in your life. Assess how you’re spending your time. Other people should be able to look at your life, observe what you do, and tell what you value.

Stop thinking about work at the end of the day and enjoy your personal time. Do your best to get everything done by days end, but if you can’t, draw a line in the sand. Don’t apologize for making a distinction between work and personal time.

Ask for help when you need it. You can’t do it all. Surround yourself with a good team, so you can draw upon their resources when you encounter trouble.

Create rituals and fond memories. Connect with those you love during family trips and events, and use those experiences to reconnect during stressful times.

Turn off the technology when you’re with family or on personal time. Instead of letting laptops, PDAs, pagers, and phones take over your life, be fully present when you need to be.

Take advantage of company wellness and family balance programs.  You’ll be more productive when you don’t have to worry about the health of yourself family.

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