Get Back on Track (Part 5) by Bob Prosen

bob-prosen4Over the past few weeks (view parts 1, 2, 3, 4) we’ve been discussing questions you must ask yourself as a leader to help your organization in challenging times. Here are more ideas for you to consider:

Make The Right Decisions

Make decisions that have the biggest impact. If you’re involved in small decisions, you’re not working on the right things. Here’s how you fix it:

1. Determine your top three priorities. Write them down and keep them on your desk to avoid distractions.

2. Delegate more. Delegation is not abdication. You don’t turn your back. Stay involved at appropriate points until your goals are realized.

After you reprioritize, schedule time for planning and for thinking about the Big Picture and the Next Big Thing.

Next week: Proven methods for achieving extraordinary performance and profit.

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