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    1. Hello Leo —
      We are no longer making and have no technical support available for the Day-Timer software you’re inquiring about. Thank you for your comments. They will be shared with our marketing and product development teams. Day-Timer is working on some new electronic solutions that we hope to have available at the end of this year or in early 2010.


  1. I have tried to purchase 5×8 7-hole plain or lined refills at 3 local stores, including Staples. None of them had a product that would do. One had an off-brand that was ridiculously priced for a small quantity. There are many uses that do not fit your formats. Give us some room to do our own thing!

  2. The slash pockets are so handy and provide a non-bulky method of storing informative printouts and handouts I need to consult only occasionally.

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