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Time Saving Tips of the Week, By Laura Stack, MBA, CSP

Personal Productivity is Ultimately About Getting a Life

Are you working your life away? Yes, you, the one working six days a week, 12 hours a day. Oh, so you “rest” on the seventh day? Hey, even God rested on the seventh day. You, however, put in a few more hours. When did you confuse your job with your life? Leisure, wellness, fun, and stress reduction are all an essential part of any productive routine.  If you have a hard time kicking back, here are a few suggestions you should try.

Close the mental office “door” and turn off work each day.

Leave work on time, so you can get home and enjoy your personal life.

Keep your stress levels low.

Rest, relax, and play daily.

Go on a long vacation each year.

Create fond memories with the people you love.

Have a regular “family time” with loved ones.

Make time for a favorite hobby.

Force yourself to slow down and stop rushing around.

Take care of yourself on a regular basis.

Some people may perceive playing to be frivolous, but they’re missing the point. You need occasional periods of recreation in order to avoid burn-out and to keep caring about what you’re doing with your life. Slow down and smell the flowers occasionally! Play is more than something “extra” — it’s the ultimate pillar on which your life rests.

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