Get Back on Track Part 4, by Bob Prosen

bob-prosen4Over the past few weeks (links to parts 1, 2, 3) we’ve been discussing questions you must ask yourself as a leader to help your organization in challenging times. Here are more ideas for you to consider:

8.  Are You Watching for Team Members Who Are Focused Internally, Not Externally? Be aware of negative politics that show up in e-mails, the hallways, and break rooms. When you hear people talking about “what’s best for me” instead of what’s best for the company, nip it in the bud.

Focus behavior on the success of the team, not the success of the individual. That being said, you still need to recognize individual performance and success in context with how it supports the company’s goals.

9.  Are You Asking People What They Need to Succeed? When you ask someone to do something and give them a deadline, you also should ask them if they have everything they need to make that deadline. If not, deal with it immediately. When people fail to meet objectives or deadlines, ask what specific actions you can take to achieve the objective.

10.  Are You Watching for Busywork? Attend to staff and other corporate functions, such as accounting, HR, and IT. Are they engaging in non-essential work and generating unnecessary reports instead of actions that support the company’s top objectives?

11.  Have You Run Out of Time to Plan? Are you always running to keep up, missing commitments, attending too many meetings? Do you regularly take vacation? Does everyone seem to come to you for answers? The devil is in the details. It’s time to release some of those details.

NEXT WEEK: Make The Right Decisions

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