Twitter Time Management – Part Two, By Karen Leland

Karen Leland
Karen Leland

With the past month bringing on a torrent of Twitters about world events, there can be no doubt that social media has left its mark on mainstream media. When CNN starts showing the URL to its Twitter stream — the world as we know it has changed.

To take advantage of all that Twitter has to offer, but still keep the time you spend working on it in check try these smart strategies.

1. Darren Rowse of recommends practicing batch tweeting. “I set aside certain batches of time for Twitter, rather than just dropping into it at random times during the day. Ten intentional minutes on Twitter can help a lot,” he says.

2. Instead of just randomly dropping in to read the tweets in your stream, try using time planning by deciding which specific times of the day you will check in. A suggested schedule:  Check your tweet stream once in the morning around 10, once after lunch around 1 and once towards the end of the day around 4.  Remember to set a time limit so that you get in and get out.

3. “Look for timesaving tools and applications, but don’t waste time playing with ‘gee whiz’ applications that don’t improve your productivity,” says Dana Lynn Smith, author of “Get Connected: Build Your Business With Online Networking.”

Some useful productivity tools include applications such as and that make Twitter easier to use.

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  1. I use Seesmic. It manages multiple accounts and you can separate people into groups to track tweets more easily – even making a column for people that you MUST keep track of.

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