Get Back on Track Part 3, by Bob Prosen

bob-prosen4Last Week we began discussing questions you must ask yourself as a leader to help your organization in challenging times. Here are more ideas for you to consider:

4.  Do You Keep People Focused on Achieving the Company’s Top Objectives? Have you identified your top objectives, and do people know them and see how what they’re doing helps achieve them? Communicate objectives, hold people accountable and visibly post key objectives and performance so everyone knows how they’re doing daily. Meet regularly with your teams to discuss progress against goals.

5.  Do You Manage People Too Closely? If so, back off, and learn to delegate. Let people do their jobs. However when things get off course, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get as involved as necessary until you’re confident the situation has been corrected.

It’s not fair for good people to be burdened with the incompetent. When you need to make a personnel change, do it. Cut the dead wood.

6.  Are You Helping People Prioritize Actions in Alignment with Key Objectives? Everyone wants to do it all, but in reality, you can’t. Help the organization triage initiatives and give them permission to stop doing a number of tasks.

7.  Are meetings effective? Pop into meetings and listen. Are people solving problems and talking about things they need to do to move the company forward, or are they focused on complaints, excuses, and extraneous issues? Explain how to effectively conduct meetings focused on achieving results and hold them accountable for immediate improvement.

NEXT WEEK: More leadership self-appraisal questions!

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