Twitter Time Management – Part One, By Karen Leland

Karen Leland
Karen Leland

Gosh, my thumbs are tired. All that texting, typing and tweeting has given my

digits an Olympic-size work out.
But Twitter – like it’s social media cousins – Facebook and LinkedIn can end up being a big huge time waster if not properly managed.  If you want to tweet like a pro, but manage your time doing it try these expert strategies.

1. If you have a topic you are hot to write about and want to do a series of tweets on it, use I find that by picking a topic and focusing on it for ten minutes or so, I am able to come up with a series of tweets that link together and build on one another.

2. Denise Wakeman of BizTipsBlog suggests saving time by syndicating your content automatically to all your social networking profiles.  For example: sends posts to a Twitter stream; the Notes application on Facebook feeds a Facebook profile; the Blog Link app on LinkedIn updates that site. You can also use to update your status on multiple social networking sites as well.

3. “ has a toolbar button that makes it easy to tweet a link,” says Cathy Stucker,  When you run across an interesting blog post or other resource, you can send it out to your followers with a couple of clicks. You can also schedule it to appear at a later time.”

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