Balancing your home and office life when they’re in the same place by Lisa Kanarek

lisaWhen my older son’s grade school held career day, he told his class about his dad’s career. When he described me, he said that I didn’t do anything.  At first I was hurt, then I realized he answered that way because he rarely saw me work. The only time I worked was when my sons were asleep, with a sitter, or at school. Now that they’re older and don’t need me as much, they get better grades when I don’t help them with math, my challenge is to stop working so much. I’ve recommended balancing strategies to my clients for years and now I’m taking my own advice:

Make regular dates with your family. Designate a weekend night as movie night. You can rent a movie to watch at home or grab dinner and a movie for a fun night out.

Schedule mini-vacations. If you can’t get away from work for longer than a week, take a three-day or a four-day vacation with your family.

Find an exercise partner (friend or family member) and share a walk.  When you partner with someone else you’re more likely to exercise regularly, stay in shape and enjoy a nice break from work.

Balancing your home and office life isn’t easy.  It’s possible to enjoy one, however, without taking time away from the other.  If you make an effort to schedule time with your family, your friends and yourself, you’ll have enough time to enjoy all aspects of your life.

Lisa is one of the nation’s leading home office experts and the founder of, a firm that advises corporations and individuals on all aspects of working from home. She also writes the blog, Working Naked (