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Calorie Saving Tips to Prevent Overeating at a Restaurant

twinsMany people have trouble trying to avoid overeating.  At restaurants, people are usually tempted by the large portion of food that is in front of them and continue to clear their plates although they may already feel full.  Likewise, many people take their spoons and dig directly into the ice cream container, spoon to mouth, and before they know it, have eaten the whole pint of ice cream!  The same is true when people sit and eat chips from a large bag—before they realize what has happened they have finished off the entire bag!   Fortunately, there are many strategies to prevent mindless overeating.

For instance, if you are a person who has trouble resisting the entire portion of food that is served to you at a restaurant, first eyeball the meal and determine how much of the meal you should actually eat.  At most restaurants, the amount that you should actually eat is about half the meal served!

After you have determined how much you should eat, use your fork or knife to section off what you can eat.  Once you have finished eating the sectioned off amount that is right for you, put your utensils in the remaining food on your plate.  That way, if you are tempted to eat it, you will have to pick up a soiled fork or spoon to do so, definitely an embarrassing scene—which hopefully will deter you from doing so!  And, just remember to order a side of steamed vegetables so that you can mix them right into the portion of food that you should eat and they can help to fill you.

If you are still tempted to eat of your plate and don’t mind using dirty utensils, then ask your waiter to remove your food as soon as you finish your allotted portion.