The results are in…

Our latest Day-Timer blog poll, What is your Work-Style, yielded some interesting results. Although the age of technology is clearly upon us, 89% of voters use a combination of paper and electronics to plan their day and keep track of their priorities. 6% of you only use paper and 6% of you stick mainly with electronic devices for personal planning.

What does this say about the future of personal planning? In a global world, technology is a necessary and driving force in today’s fast-paced business environment. For many, leaving their cell phone or handheld device at home is not an option and could prove disastrous, or at least make for a very nerve-wracking day.

But when you write something down in your Day-Timer Planner, you will always be assured that all of the information is right where you need it. The batteries will never die and your planning pages will never malfunction. This latest blog poll reinforces the fact that paper is still wanted and needed and will be for quite some time.

One thought on “The results are in…

  1. In my company we use a lot of technology and I consider myself pretty techno savvy. However, after using electronic organizers for a few years I went back to paper and find it much more effective for planning and meetings. Contact information of course is electronic as only makes sense. But for managing work and people I find the paper system much better. Two examples – love being able to see the whole page with a day or a week or a month clearly outlined on it – also, in meetings I find no one minds when I make notes on paper while making notes on a device is still regarded as rude.


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