Celebrate Social Wellness with Day-Timer!

July is Social Wellness Month. Day-Timer will be kicking off this month-long event with tips designed to make you more socially competent.

Each week for the rest of July, check out the Day-Timer Cares section of the blog for famous quotations meant to inspire you to become the best you can be.

Good social skills have a way of carrying you through any situation. Keep reading for tips to make you feel more comfortable and calm both in and out of the social sphere.

1. Learn how to articulate your thoughts both in public and personal conversations.

If your wife thinks the idea that’s been rolling around in your head could be the next big innovation your business is looking for, perhaps your superiors will also agree. So don’t be shy! In order to be convincing you must learn to exude self-confidence both in and out of the boardroom.

2. Think before you speak.

Many people get nervous before speaking in public, even if that public happens to be 10 colleagues that you see every day. This “stage fright” can break a promising career. Next time you know you’ll be called upon to speak, remember to stay calm. Take deep breaths, and try writing the most important ideas and concepts for you to get across in your Day-Timer® Planner. Having the information you need right in front of you, should help to ease your anxiety.

3. Practice tact when giving suggestions.

No one likes to “feel stupid” or be degraded. Instead of saying something like, “That proposal must have taken you a total of 5 minutes to pull together. It was absolutely horrible.” Try, “I can tell that you put a lot of effort into this idea. Let’s work together to polish it up a bit.” In the second example, you are not only acknowledging the other person’s hard work but are also offering help. Who could refuse?

4. Learn how to say “NO” to avoid taking on too many volunteer activities.

Everyone wants to help, but if you’ve got more work than can be done in 8 hours as it is, just say “no” when someone asks if you’d like to head this year’s raffle committee. This way, you won’t get behind and stressed out as the day of the raffle approaches. You can still help, without donating your time. Buy a few tickets and support the cause that way!