Failsafe Goal Getting, By Trapper Woods

trapper-woods3Trapper tells you how to keep sight of your New Year’s Resolutions all year long!

2009 was once again another new beginning. For most people the start of a new year is received with positive anticipation. To use typical jargon it’s time to turn over a new leaf, make resolutions, get a fresh start, chart a new course, or in other words begin anew.

Unfortunately for many, dreams soon vaporize and resolutions die in the top dresser drawer. That won’t happen to you this year if you use my “power goal formula” technique.

The power goal formula is simple and can serve as success insurance. Simply have fun using these ten power tips.

Singularize it! Pick one single goal that will enrich your life.

Energize it! Make sure it is connected to an important innermost value.

Write it! Describe your goal in one specific sentence.

Sub-divide it! Build a pathway of written action steps that will get you there.

Price it! Ask, “Am I willing to pay the price?” If you really are then proceed.

Access it! Constantly remind yourself of your goal by keeping it visually accessible on the refrigerator door, in your computer, in your wallet and posted in your work space.

Publish it! Share your goal with others who will support you and hold you accountable.

Visualize it! Create a mind picture of your success and visualize it when you get up in the morning and before you retire.

Affirm it! Make verbal success affirmations out loud each time you brush your teeth and several times during the day.

Celebrate it! When you get there, savor your success and have a party. Send us your story to share with and inspire others.

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