Listen and Learn From Every complaint, By Bob Prosen

bob-prosen4You would be surprised how many CEOs and leaders don’t feel it’s important to effectively track and learn from complaints during the good times as well as the downtimes. My take is that every complaint you listen to and learn from is one complaint or problem less that you’ll have to deal with further down the road.

Your customers are absolutely key to your long-term success, keep them loyal and happy and be responsive to them and they’ll stick by you.

I believe that profitability in and of itself is not the ultimate objective. It’s only the enabler. The real goal is to have choices and profitability enables organizations to have the freedom of choice.

Choices ensure in our lives, that we’re all doing what we really want to do. One of my favorite professors during grad school at Georgia State told our class something that I relate in my book and that I try to continue to bring up when I collaborate with companies in training.

The professor said, “There are two great things that can happen to you in life. The first is to find what it is you really love to do. The second is to have the courage to go and do it.”

My whole focus is to help people work harder, not smarter so they can have a work and life balance and feel great enthusiasm for both work and their personal life.

Have courage and you will achieve greatness. The goal as a leader and employee is to deliver on results not activity.

Bob Prosen is president and CEO of The Prosen Center for Business Advancement®, where he teaches business leaders how to rapidly increase performance and profits. He is listed in The International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs. Visit his website at

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